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Chapter 8 - The Floor Stripper
It was not until Flooreka was on the grounds of LabEth for a few days, that all the characters and hang-arounds started to call Flooreka, The Floor Stripper. All at once the crowd all started chanting "Floor Stripper, Floor Stripper, Floor Stripper".  As he grabbed on tightly to the oversized antique key that was handed to him, Flooreka pondered, what did this key open? Shortly after as he was holding the key, his spacesuit started to transform to a tile like patterned skin tight costume. From all the chanting, the key in his hand and the transformation of his clothes and as overwhelmed and excited as The Floor Stripper was - all that managed to to come of his mouth was "Eureka". Eureka he muttered one more time. Once The Floor Stripper held the key, a strange force from LabEth gave him the power of  remembering every single image he saw from the malfunctioning portal throughout his lifetime, all the way back to when he was a young kid on Venturea. These were images of which blockchains would succeed, which NFTs would rug, and much much more. After a few more days getting acquainted and exploring LabEth, The Floor Stripper commenced with this quaint speech; "May I have your undivided attention, to all those present, gather here around. We may all be here at LabEth for different reasons, but when you wander out of this sacred territory, go to the masses no matter their status or social classes. Tell them of the good times and antics and some challenges we are having in here. Speak of all the artists and possible fortunes in the coming years. Show them the way to this sacred ground, tell them they are at LabEth and NFT bound. Come with us in the Adventures of The Floor Stripper, as we will be like archaeologists, digging up the past to better understand the present, tracing back and linking the past historical knowledge to the future. Find out more about the The Floor Stripper and the other original exciting clever characters. Shortly hereafter, The Floor Strippers Arch-Nemesis will be revealed. "Discover the two other Superhero costumes that The Floor Stripper dons. There's so much more to come in the The Floor Stripper's world, this epic journey has just begun.

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